Imagine This!

You are able to attend your own funeral; and when you get there, the shock of all shocks hits you! You see the inscription on your headstone written only these words:




And died.


How loud would you cry? I am sure you would cry the LOUDEST.

You see; the fact that you are on this page says to me that you- like most of my readers- possess the following:

– The Skill to Infiltrate

– The Potential to Influence.

You are not born to just live and die. No! Your vision is to leave a lasting impact in the community. You are called for greatness!

Called to change the complexion of the game!



Caught your attention yet?


You did everything possible so far:

  • Your Pastor anointed you with oil,
  •  Your Elders laid hands on you,
  •  You worked harder than everyone,
  •  You prayed and fasted for 40 days & 40 nights,
  •  You gave all your savings to church,
  •  You give your tithe and offerings all the time,
  •  You kept yourself pure,
  •  You even studied further so that you can be noticed;


But there is still no breakthrough!


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 I know how it feels like!

But guess what? You are not alone! Majority of people with your Skill, Potential, and Vision have gone through that too.

Including me!

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This brings me to why you are on this page:

We created this website for you! Yes, you! The purpose of this site is to give you the ABC of how to Infiltrate and Influence; using biblical principles. All you need to do is put these principles to practice.

  • Some of them, you might not agree with; 
  • Some might be difficult for you to practice;
  • Some, you might feel they are too simplified to carry weight;
But a principle is a fundamental truth; and if you keep on doing it; something will surely give.
I think the reason why God allowed them to be in His bible, is because He knows they do work.
I have tried them myself, and am still working on some of them; so I too can testify that they do work! I will not share with you what doesn’t work.
You see; I am called to be the Catalyst for those whose purpose is to Infiltrate and Influence. And that happens to be you! So I will not keep principles that work to myself. How about you start reading my most popular posts first…

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Having said that:

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