“When a Philosopher and Practitioner writes on a subject, the difference is in the anointing that carries the message. Head-knowledge messages can never be life changing; but if one preaches what he practices, then their message will carry the anointing to impact people’s lives. Gape is a Practitioner who preaches what he practices. In the many years that he has served under my Leadership, I have seen him grow to be a young man who ‘bleeds’ Leadership, and yet, still acknowledges authority under which he serves.”

  – Bishop Tshalo Katshunga(Founder of GRC and Advanced Leadership Academy)

“I believe that our nation and the global community is blessed to have Gape Mogotsi as one of their own. I am looking forward to the many years of his influence in my life and that of those who will experience his passion for development of others. I have known this son of the Kingdom for many years, and during those years, I noticed the following outstanding attributes:
  • He is a life long scholar- This is evident in his pursuit of personal development.
  • He is a developer of others – This is evident in him mentoring and acting as a catalyst to a number of Infiltrators and Influencers.
  • He is a believer of the principle of Followership and Servanthood- This is evident in his involvement in his local church and the service he offers to his Pastor.
  • He is a sound family man- This is evident in his interactions with his dear wife and their wonderful two boys.”

 – Dr  G.A Lechuti (Transformation Educator and Author)




“In life we often meet people who talk Leadership; but my friend Gape is different in a simple and yet profound way. Not only does he speak Leadership, but he also projects and exhibits great leadership LOUDLY. He is not just a good man and Leader, but wherever he goes; he leaves even better men and Leaders. To me, he is a true example of how Leadership is easier caught (with the eye) than taught (with the mouth). I am greatly encouraged to see him lead from where he is…”

-Mr Denzel Pedro Smit (Leadership and Personal Coach, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker)