Gape N. Mogotsi is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Let Leaders Talk.

He is a husband, father, and head of a family, and is known to be the catalyst for those who are destined to Infiltrate and Influence their communities. He uses biblical principles to affect their rate of reaction.

He argues that one’s community is not only a village they come from, but any area God has planted them in. He says your community can be:

  • The school you go to
  • The church you attend
  • The company you work for
  • The political party you vote for
  • The country that gave you refuge
He also agrees with the school of thought that says communities that some Christians used to despise and call “worldly systems” such as Politics, Law, Finance, Business, Music & Entertainment, Broadcasting & Movie Industry; should now be infiltrated and influenced… He believes it is un-wise for Christians to shy away from corridors of power in these communities.
Mogotsi is a Writer/Blogger, Teacher of the Word, Public Speaker, and a Trainer of Leaders.
His approach to Leadership is Servanthood, and he has developed it over the years. He agrees with the saying that “If Serving is below you, then Leadership is beyond you.”
He has vast experience in Leadership:
  • Chairperson of University of the North Aids Awareness Organisation.
  • General Secretary of University Of The North Optometry Students Association (UNOSA).
  • President/Chairperson of UNOSA.
  • Overseer of Cell Leaders of Gospel Ramah Church (Cape Town).
  • Principal of SOM (School Of Ministry) – A program designed to train and mentor Servant Leaders- SOM graduates average of 60 Servant Leaders annually (both for the Kingdom and Market place)
  • Member of the board of Elders in Gospel Ramah Church (Main Campus)
  • Founder and Chairman of Let Leaders Talk Movement