How To Be A Heavy-Weight Leader

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a strong believer of thorough research, meetings and deliberations… and then… more meetings and deliberations before any important meeting.
I strongly believe that preparation is paramount. I even call this behavior, Proactive Leadership. If I had more time and space I would give you a scripture or two that I usually use to support this notion…
My argument is; anyone who wants to be a world class player should understand that when other players go home to rest; you need to stay behind at a field and polish your skill. By doing this, you control how the next game will go rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

Preparation Makes Your Game Easier

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At this point you are probably saying “Be encouraged Gape. I’m like you. I’d rather cover all the angles…” Well, I’m sure God still loves us, but the problem with people like me, you and Abraham is, we block God’s plans with our “pro-activeness”. God’s plan was for Abraham to have Isaac, but he became proactive and had Ishmael instead.
More often than not, all what God wants is to be our Coach; but we first put plan-B in place; just in case…  And if we feel He is not doing a good job by “our standard”, we tend to fire Him in a blink of an eye.
Look; don’t get me wrong… I am not suggesting at all that we are the biggest of sinners by being ‘proactive’. What I am saying is, if we want to reach our heavy-weight status, we must learn to…

Trust The Caliber Of Our Coach

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We must guard against wanting to have 100% control of everything, and learn to Let God Take The Driver’ Seat. He got His licence way before the foundation of the world!

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