Don’t Fire God; He Is A Good Coach!

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a strong believer of thorough research, meetings and deliberations… and then… more meetings and deliberations before making any important decision. I even call this behavior, Proactive Leadership. If I had more time and space I would give you a scripture or two that I usually use to support this notion…
You see; my argument is; anyone who wants to be a world class heavy-weight should understand that for a 100m race that can take them 9.81 seconds to win, they need to spend many months in training. I am therefore convinced that…

Preparation Is Paramount…

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But the caliber of your coach, is equally paramount!

You are probably saying at this point “Be encouraged my brother…Like you, I’d rather cover all the angles…” Well, that’s all good (and I’m sure God still loves us), but the problem with people like me and you is, we usually want to have 100% control. We tend to fire the coach too quick if we feel he is not doing a good job by “our standard”.
So, even if God wants to be considered for the position, we first put plan-B in place; just in case… We block His plans with our “proactiveness”. God’s plan was for Abraham to have Isaac, but like us, Abraham became proactive and had Ishmael instead. And you know the outcome of that! We have to learn to Let God Take The Driver’ Seat.
Look; don’t get me wrong… I am not suggesting at all that we are the biggest of sinners by being ‘proactive’! What I am saying is, if we want to reach our heavy-weight status, we should trust God as our Coach. He got His coaching licence way before the foundation of the world!

I’m not saying its going to be easy…I’m saying its going to be worth it!

One day, God decided to step in and coach Zion who was in distress. And in Isaiah 54, He likens this Zion to a barren woman. Now, barrenness symbolizes: Fruitless, Lack of ideas, Unproductive… Simply put; when you are barren, you tend to put more effort, and get very little(if any) in return.
  • You work hard on your business, and in marketing it, but it’s still not flourishing- Barrenness!
  • You have kept yourself pure, waiting for your partner, but still, no marriage- Barrenness!
  • You put more effort than others in studying; but still cant pass this subject- Barrenness!
  • You have seen every good Gynecologist you know, but still no pregnancy- Barrenness!
  • You fasted for years to get rid of this recurring sin, but it’s still persisting- Barrenness!
Let’s see how the greatest Coach deals with this barrenness!
Isaiah 54: 1 (NIV)
The Future Glory Of Zion-  
I deliberately included this heading because the fact that the bible says The future glory of Zion suggests to me that at this particular time, Zion does not have this glory. And this is probably the cause of her distress. The word glory is used to translate a Hebrew word ‘kabod’ which originally means ‘heavy-weight’. So, Zion does not have heavy-weight status at the moment.
She is barren; and yet, the Lord starts His training session with the strangest coaching instruction- He says… Wait for it… Verse 1 (a)- Sing O barren woman…burst into a song, shout for joy… Now, God; how do you expect Lady Zion to shout for joy when she is fruitless and has no plan? I mean, only people whose lives are together should sing for joy; not the unproductive ones!
But God still says: “In the midst of your barrenness; I want you to continue rejoicing!” “In the midst of your mess; don’t wipe the smile off your face!” Does this make God insensitive? Not at all! …for we do not have a high Priest who is unable to sympathize… Hebrews 4:15. So, before you decide to fire the Coach, listen to the reason He gives for His suggestion:
Verse 1 (b)- because more will be are the children of the desolate woman… 
You see, God is Omnipresent! That means He is present in all tenses- Past, Present, and Future tense, that’s why… He calleth those things which be not as though they were- Romans 4:17(KJV)
What we call our future is actually His present, so when He says…because more ARE…, He can-at that moment- see the children He is talking about. So, He expects you to trust Him; that’s why He says: “In the midst of your failure, keep your faith and smile”. “Guard against panicking! Do not start with your proactiveness! Align your faith with what I am telling you!” Sing O barren woman because more ARE...

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