Let Them Drink And Remember Their Misery No More

Proverbs 31: 6-7(NIV)- Give beer to those who are perishing…Let them drink and….remember their misery no more.
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If you are a regular reader of my blog, by now I am sure you know how fascinated I get with words. So, even in these verses (in which the wise Mother of a certain King Lemuel gives him advise), there are 2(two) words that stand out for me; and I thought I should break them down to understand what the queen mother really meant when she uttered them. The words are Perish, and Misery.

The word ‘perish’ can mean:

  • To lose your ability to think or act in the usual manner (to fall-apart)

  • To lose your caliber (expertness, excellence)

  • To lose your value (worth, weight)

The word ‘misery’ can mean:

  • A state of worry and nervousness with an uncertain outcome (anxiety)

  • A state of complete loss of hope (despair)

  • A state of great distress (miserable)

So, the Queen mother’s take on this issue is:
  1. Influencers are not supposed to fall-apart, lose their caliber & their worth
  2. Anxiety, despair & great distress should be foreign to Leaders 
– Therefore; if God has entrusted you with the Kingly anointing(to Infiltrate, Influence, and Rule) you should not even look at a liquor store!


It now makes sense why Apostle Paul felt compelled to address this issue with Overseers (who led and influenced the people of God) in his letter to Timothy- his protégé:

1 Timothy 3:2-3- Now the overseer must….not be given to drunkenness…

You see; you cannot oversee, lead, and influence decisions if you are suffering from dysfunctional prefrontal lobe and hippocampus brought by alcohol (I know you missed that; so click here to read more about it). This will render you disabled as a Leader because…Wait for it…

“Leadership is an Action; not a Position” – Donald .H. McGannon


a) Leaders are Readers
b) Leaders are Protectors
c) Leaders are Visionaries
d) Leaders are Problem Solvers
e) Leaders are Master Planners
f) Leaders are Decision Makers
And if you happen to be a Leader given to drunkenness, you will certainly stumble when displaying these actions.
The Prophet Isaiah puts it better than me…
…they reel from beer, they stagger when seeing visions, they stumble when rendering decisions- Isaiah 28: 7
Give beer to those who are not called to be Captains of this huge (Leader)ship because they wont need to plan, render important decisions and cast visions.

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