Wine Has Robbed My People Of Their Understanding

Allow me to continue from where the writer of  Proverbs 31: 4-5 ended.
In our previous post, we saw a mother who was giving her royal son (King Lemuel) advise on important issues in life. The life of  Infiltrators and Influencers- Those with the Kingly anointing. The anointing of Ruler-ship. We heard her say:
Verse 4-5- It is not for kings, O Lemuel- not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer, lest they drink and forget what the law decrees, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights

When I read these verses, few questions come to my mind… What makes these alcohol drinking Leaders forget what the law decrees? Is there any scientific explanation for this act of irresponsibility?

Well; Let’s visit a Science laboratory for a minute, shall we!

Scientific research has shown that there are two areas of the brain that are particularly sensitive to alcohol:

1. Prefrontal lobe- Important for planning and reasoning.

2. Hippocampus- Responsible for memory and learning.

 Now, at this point already, it looks to me that the cry of God (through Prophet Hosea) is actually justified when He says:

“Wine has robbed my people of their understanding” – Hosea 4: 11(NLT)

The word ‘understanding’ in this verse caught my attention, and I decided to look it up and compare its meaning with the effect of alcohol on these two areas of the brain; and the outcome of this effect on a drinking person. 


Understanding can mean:


1) The ability to grasp and comprehend information mentally.

  • The effect of alcohol on the brainIt can destroy the nerve cells of hippocampus (responsible for memory).
  • The outcome of this effect on a drinkerIt makes them loose the faculty by which their mind stores and remembers information- They loose their memory and have regular blackouts. It now makes sense why most drinkers wake up not remembering what happened the previous night.

– Wine has robbed my people of their understanding!


2) The ability to have sympathetic awareness of other people’s feelings.

  • The effect of alcohol on the brainIt can blog the remembrance of the drinker’s people skills- compassionate and considerate towards other people.
  • The outcome of this effect on a drinkerOne tends to develop inconsiderate tendencies- repeatedly hurting and/or inconveniencing people around him.

– Wine has robbed my people of their understanding!


3. The ability to read a particular situation or subject and interpreting / decoding it.

  • The effect of alcohol on the brain– It can destroy the nerve cells of hippocampus which are responsible for learning.
  • The outcome of this effect on a drinkerOne fails to acquire the mastery and skill in a particular subject, and therefore cannot decipher complex issues that come with that subject.

– Wine has robbed my people of their understanding!


4. The ability to think about a particular issue in a logical way and coming to a sensible conclusion on how to solve it.

  • The effect of alcohol on the brainIt affects the reasoning and planning of prefrontal lobe.
  • The outcome of this effect on a drinkerOne fails to give a careful thought of what may happen in the future(lack of foresight / vision) and fails to put a plan together.

– A Leader who doesn’t have this technique of putting a strategic plan together (for him and/or his organization) is a failure.

A founding father and Leader of the United States put it this way:

When a Leader drinks, his brain is in danger of ‘malfunction’; and this causes him to neglect the command of God for his Leadership. And that- right there- will deprive his followers of their rights.

 Wine has robbed my people of their understanding!

And the mother of King Lemuel continues with her wise advise in Proverbs 31; which we will go through in the next post here.


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