You Won’t Reach Your Destiny If You Don’t Untie Yourself

So; Terah’s family is still stationed in Haran; and because- as we established in the previous post– Haran is not the country of their choice; they are probably complaining every day about the status quo there; and yet; are not even attempting to do something about it.

Raise your hand if you can relate!!!!

You don’t like your current state of affairs; but you don’t have the courage to go after what’s rightfully yours! Okay! Okay! Let me get out of your hair!!!!!
Now; after Terah’s death, God approaches Abram(Terah’ son) with a proposition. He tells him what His plan of action is! That He wants to give him an everlasting Influence by making him the father of a nation nations. But God realizes few issues that Abram still needs to deal with. Few things he needs to untie himself from.

I suspect Abram was not aware how easy it was to untie himself from these issues. 

Image result for a picture of a donkey being tied up on the chair 

So God points these issues out to him (and by default to the 21st century Influencers) in:
Genesis 12:1- The LORD had said to Abram: Leave your country, your people and your father’s household…
a) “Leave your country…”
The car that I drive gives me a signal if there’s something wrong with it; and one day my wife made me realize that if I leave the flashing light(that signals abnormality) long enough, I end up not being aware of it anymore. My brain ends up accepting the abnormality as normal.
Now, the land of Canaan was supposed to be(in God’s plan) home to Abram; but his family settled in Haran for so long that he even accepted it as his own country. His brain accepted the abnormality as normal. If you want to influence; you need to stop embracing abnormal things and making them your norm! The fact that you can trace them back to your family tree, doesn’t mean they are normal.
  • Poverty is an abnormality; stop thinking you own it!
  • Prayer-less life is an abnormality; stop making excuses!
  • Poor health is an abnormality; stop calling it your thing!
  • Pathological lying is an abnormality; stop entertaining it!
  • Passionate anger is an abnormality; stop claiming that’s how you are!
So when God said to Abram: “Leave your country”; what he meant was “Stop embracing this abnormality as your norm!”
b) “Leave your people”
The Shunammite woman had been hospitable to Prophet Elisha and his entourage; and as a token of gratitude, Elisha tries to establish which area in her life she would like God to intervene in. And listen to her reply…
  • 2 Kings 4:13 (NKJV)- “…I dwell among my own people.”
Now, I used to have a problem with this lady’s response! And my argument was that the Prophet did not ask what her residential area was! He is trying to find out what she’s trusting God for, so that he can stand in a gap for her! Why would she tell him where she lives?
And then my eyes were opened by Bishop Nwaka , that by saying she lived among her people, what this lady implied was she lacked nothing. You see, the fact that she is surrounded by family and friends, she thinks she doesn’t need help from God!
So, Abram as well; “dwelled among his own people!” And for as long as he depended on created things, God could not use him! That’s why He instructed him to “leave his people.” Any person whose security depends entirely on things- Academic qualifications, Family wealth, Connections, High-paying job, Car, house and life cover can not be used by God. So, when God said to Abram “Leave your people”, what He meant was “Apart from Me you can do nothing; so rely primarily on Me and not My creation!”
c) “Leave your father’s household”
The issue of settling for second best might have been a curse of the household of Abram’s father, but all families represented by every person reading these words right now, have their own share of curses. There is a curse that hounds your family from generation to generation:
  • Maybe you disrespect your husband just as your grand-Mom and Mom disrespected their husbands – Family curse!
  • Maybe you abuse your wife and kids just as your Father and all his brothers used to abuse their families- Family curse!
  • Maybe you are addicted to alcohol even though you saw it destroying many marriages in your family tree – Family curse!
  • Maybe you had kids out of wedlock just as your Mom did; and now your teenager tells you she’s pregnant – Family Curse!
  • Maybe you dropped out of school; your kid out of varsity; and now, your grandchild is leaving school too – Family Curse!
  • Maybe you are threatened by premature death just as your Dad, brother, and recently; your cousin ‘son – Family curse!
  • Maybe you’ve noticed high level of divorce in the family– your Uncle, your sister; and now your niece-  Family curse!
Are you starting to see the pattern here? God wants you and Abram to peel yourselves away from your family curse so that you can Infiltrate and Influence easily. So when God said to Abram “Leave your father’s household”, what he meant was “untie yourself from the curse of your father’s household.”

Lest it drags you away from your destiny!



But how do I untie myself from this ugly curse? I am glad you asked!

1. Prayer is very important- Follow these six steps

2. Be intentional about not entertaining the curse.

Let’s be honest; the one who entertains alcohol will struggle to impact any community. Talking about alcohol; what does the bible really say about it?

– Before we see what it says, lets look at lessons learned from this post- if you want to Infiltrate and Influence:

Lesson #1:

Stop embracing abnormalities as your norm.

Lesson #2:

Rely on God alone as your primary source.

  • Apart from HIM you can do nothing.

Lesson #3

Untie yourself from the curse of your family

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  3. I saw this great achievement coming from a distance personally, I thank God and I will continue to learn more from you Mr Mogotsi.
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  4. I’m blown away!! This is awesome and eye-opening Elder Gape..
    I will start untying myself! Destiny here I come!!

    1. Lets untie ourselves Palesa…
      God wants to see us reaching our destiny.
      Romans 8:19…creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons(and daughters) of God.

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