How Alcohol Clouds Your Judgement

If you are an old enough person, you’d have probably met a category of people who always show too much self confidence when it comes to alcohol. They are always prepared to defend their drinking habit. Alcohol can not have a hold on them. Addiction can be a thread to other people but, not to

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts In Leadership?

I am sure you know Noah by now. He was a man under the influence of both emotions and alcohol– Toxic combination for any Leader! Read: Mistakes Of Leaders Are Leading Mistakes.
Leaders can’t afford to make decisions out of emotions (anger, excitement, or stress); lest their decisions cause permanent destruction. Noah’s toxic combination caused such a

Don’t Fire God; He Is A Good Coach!

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a strong believer of thorough research, meetings and deliberations… and then… more meetings and deliberations before making any important decision. I even call this behavior, Proactive Leadership. If I had more time and space I would give you a scripture or two that I usually use to support this

Please Do Not Feed The Fears

There are things which- if not prepared for- have a potential to paralyze anyone with fear.

Imagine this for a minute! 

You have settled down into a routine of your life, in the neighborhood whose lingo you master, the city whose street names you know by heart, the country whose traffic signs you’re familiar with, and lots of

Let Them Drink And Remember Their Misery No More

Proverbs 31: 6-7(NIV)- Give beer to those who are perishing…Let them drink and….remember their misery no more.




If you are a regular reader of my blog, by now I am sure you know how fascinated I get with words. So, even in these verses (in which the wise Mother

Wine Has Robbed My People Of Their Understanding

Allow me to continue from where the writer of  Proverbs 31: 4-5 ended.

In our previous post, we saw a mother who was giving her royal son (King Lemuel) advise on important issues in life. The life of  Infiltrators and Influencers- Those with the Kingly anointing. The anointing of Ruler-ship. We heard her say:

It Is Not For Rulers… To Crave Beer

From the first time we saw Noah starting to experiment with alcohol; all the way to the time of a certain King Lemuel (believe me, he is in your bible)… and until today; alcohol has affected many innocent lives.
Rachel Lohmann puts it this way: “Alcohol isn’t an individual problem…and the one it

Whoever Is Led Astray By Alcohol Is Not Wise

I have come across a lot of people who- whether they have position or not- you can sense that they are “the head and not the tail.” And yet, most of them are not acting the part. Now; if you are in this category, I dedicate this post to you- as we continue our discussion from

What Does The Bible Really Say About Alcohol?

I have heard many alcohol drinking Christians- when defending their habit of one glass per meal- arguing that if not used excessively, alcohol is not a problem. Well, I have a different take on that! And I know I may lose few friends because of this post, but here it goes! What does the bible really say about YOUR alcohol?
Lets start

You Won’t Reach Your Destiny If You Don’t Untie Yourself

So; Terah’s family is still stationed in Haran; and because- as we established in the previous post– Haran is not the country of their choice; they are probably complaining every day about the status quo there; and yet; are not even attempting to do something about it.
Raise your hand if you can relate!!!!
You don’t like your current state of